About Us

Metallurgical Products Company is in its fourth generation of family management. Founded in 1909, the company has over a century of experience in meeting customers’ alloy production needs. A leader in the industry, we have supplied metals for a wide variety of processes and customers throughout the world. This valuable experience gives us extensive knowledge of copper alloy applications, as well as a solid track record of consistent on-time delivery.
This experience reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work closely with customers to ensure they profit from our business relationship. This is a principle we’ve followed since we produced our first pound of metal.


Mission and Values

At Metallurgical Products Company, our primary purpose is to increase the competitiveness of our customers by satisfying their metal needs with unequaled performance and quality.

We work to accomplish this by:

  • Measuring our performance in areas which contribute to our customers’ competitiveness and continually meeting or exceeding their expectations in those areas.
  • Creating systems which allow us to repeat successes with minimal variance.
  • Discovering ways to work more efficiently in order to increase value to customers without increasing cost.
  • Treating every customer and employee with respect and dignity, recognizing that people are the key to our success.

With Metallurgical Products Company, you have a source of world-class copper alloys. A source you can trust for consistent performance and on-time delivery. A supplier that is dedicated to forging productive working partnerships with customers. A supplier that has the knowledge, facilities, and – most important – the commitment to meet all your requirements for quality and service. Together, this makes Metallurgical Products Company your source of value for copper alloys.